Spelling Word Lists
The lists below are designed to strengthen spelling by first of all concentrating on the most used and most misspelled words. Why learn complicated words that are little used while remaining weak in more frequently used words? The lists are designed to supplement other spelling programs and to provide a tool for non-English students learning the language. The lists consist of 15 words and are 'called out' with an unhurried voice that is easy to understand in MP3 format (smaller than WAV files).
1000 Most Used Words
Most Missed Spelling Words

You will need an MP3 Player to use these files. If your computer is not equipped with one, here is a free MP3 player from Yahoo.

Alternate Program
These lists can be used a week at a time. However, a more efficient use is to generate a customized weekly list:
1. Print the lists we have online and mark the missed words.
2. 'Test' each spelling section and make a list of the words missed.
3. Continue to test new sections until a list of 10-15 words is generated for the week.

By doing this consisently you will be...
1. Saving time/effort: why 'learn' words that a student already knows?
2. Working List: the ongoing list can be reviewed yearly, targeting the problem spelling words.

If the student can type well, type into a word processing program (or email!) that has a spell checker when testing. Then, let the program 'grade' the test upon completion.


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